A Journey by Bike …The Ongoing Story of VECTr

Posted: July 12, 2015 in Uncategorized

How did an ordinary guy like me – someone who is neither a serious cyclist nor a professional engineer – decide to invent a gearless bicycle transmission? It has a lot do with a lifetime of memories related to bikes, an aptitude for problem solving, and a bit of a stubborn streak. This blog will tell the story of VECTr… how I came to the point of inventing, the evolution of the design, and the present day efforts to finalize this design into a sellable product. It’s a long and winding road, with more than  a few detours… so hold on to your handlebars and join me for the ride…

What is your first memory of a bike? Was it when you first learned how to pedal? When the training wheels came off?

Mine is first learning to ride a bike at the tender age of six. I had been trying for weeks, but could not learn to balance. One day… the year was 1971 and the place was Anaheim, CA… I went with my brother P.J. and his friends to our neighbors’ driveway across the street. Their house was elevated and had a long, steep driveway. P.J. put me on my bike and sent me coasting down the giant hill before I was quite ready. The bike was going too fast for me to do anything but balance. Survival instinct kicked in, and I was off! As I sped down the bottom of the driveway, miraculously unscathed, I realized that I had been riding! I had not fallen off. From that day on, I started pedaling everywhere… as far and as fast as my chubby little legs would allow.

Joe age 6

The inventor at age 6… just learning to ride a bike!

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